Omega Casanova Lights The Sky
For Sale  € 1250.00

Color: Sorel Pinto
Day of birth: 26 juni 2014
Height: 34"
Reg. nr. AMHA: A219948
Reg. nr. NMPRS: 528007201400704

Sky is a golden stallion circled with a silver lining. He is one of the few descendants of SHM Awestrucks Casanova and we are proud that we have one of them in our stable. His grandfather Little Kings Buck Awestruck is a stallion with several championship titles at his name. With Boones Little Buckeroo as a father and a daughter of Boones Little Buckeroo as a mother, he is bred double Buckeroo. His mother Alliance Tenders All That Jazz is a mare that you may not forget. It is not only the grandmother of our sky, but also the mother of SHM Redis Westernboy. Also the bloodlines that he got from his dam are really interesting. His grandfather, Mountian Highs Winselot II is a stallion who has written several championship titles to his name in his youth, not only in halter classes, but also in driving classes. He is a grandson of Boones Little Buckeroo and that means that Sky is 3 double Buckeroo bred. We are very curious about how Sky will develop, but the expectations are high!



The Surprise Stables
The Netherlands

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