Velvet Dawn Shining Of Asschatt

Not for sale

Color: Silver Dapple Pinto
Day of birht: 19 april 2010
Height: 90cm at the withers or 33.5" at the last manehair
Reg. nr. AMHA: A 200142
Reg. nr. AMHR: 326446A
Reg. nr. NMPRS: 528007201000259

In 2011 this beauty came on my path…..
She is everything what you look for in a miniature horse.
She is refined, she has a great top line, a high tailset, an amazing neck, big movements, a lovely face and a fantastic conformation.
No doubt her pedigree has something to do with this….see here;
Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo is her sire, he is a son of the Legendary Little Kings Black Velvet and NFC Rowdys Love Note. Her dam is Lucky Four Spotz Twice as Shiney, she is out of Lucky Four After Dark Spotacular and KGL Zeros Isis.
More lines that you will find if you look back are; Johnstons Vanilla, Boones Little Buckeroo, Rowdy, Bond Sir Galahad, Hemlock Brooks and lots of more.
I still thank the lady that offer this mare to me….more then she knows.




Show / Keuring



maart 2015


Stamboek opname

90cm op de schoft

april 2012

ICAMH Aa Creek Spring Fling Show

multi color mares

2e place

mei 2012

MiniĀ“s with Spirit

2yr old mares B
multi color

1st place
1st place


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sire: Special Delivery van LEB

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The Surprise Stables
The Netherlands

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