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Because we cant keep all our horses, we offering some for sale and hope that we can find a warm and loving home for them.

In 2017 we will offer a lot of our horses for sale! Check the pages of the mares and stallions who will be for sale.

All horses will be sold with a passport, chip and a lot of information which does not stop at the purchase, new owners can always come to The Surprise Stables if they need information about their purchase in the future. We have sold horses to all countries in and out of Europe.

SSM Billy Jenny Lane

This beautifull girl is for sale for the right home. Jenny is a very special lady who carries the best bloodlines. She has got all the looks to be a showgirl! Just check out her page! Jenny will be in training for this showseason!

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SSM Billy Janis Joplin

This gorgeous bucksin filly can be yours!  Janis has the most loving caracter and can move really good. And just take a look at her pedigree! This girl will promise you a lot of good things in the future.

€ 1750.00

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Omega Casanova Lights The SKy

This handsome youngh stallion is for sale....He would be a perfect driving horse! He is the most sweetest stallion I have ever had in my stable. Sky also sexpect his first babies to be born this year.

€ 1250.00

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EBF Daddys Lady Alageasia

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MIE Habibi of Persia

Bibi is a realy refind little girl and she would do great in the showring

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Cornfield Stables Carmel

Cremello 4 year old amha mare in foal to our buckskin stallion for a 2018 baby 

€ 3500

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