The breeds in our stable

N.M.P.R.S. European bred miniature horses
The Dutch Miniature Horse Registry (NMPRS) was founded in 1993 for those breeders who have the goal of creating a miniature replica of a horse by means of cross breeding different horse breeds. They have build a huge studbook of thousands of horses how are bred out of: shetland, appaloosa, welsh, falabella, bergmann and american bloodlines.
This miniature horse is very correct, elegant and refined.
The thing that is very important for me and my breedings is that all 3 year old horses and older, need te be vet checked and measured at the withers by the studbook veterinary. They check at tooth, knee's, movement and with the stallions the testikalls. Also the foals are checked when they got there chip, they check the sex en tooth.
In order to maintain pure bloodlines the NMPRS organises a stud show, a yearling and 2yr old show, and a mare show every year. Wich has a strict protocol and a rating system that clearly shows the quality of the horse.

American Miniature Horse
Today┬┤s Miniature Horse is the result of nearly 40 years of selective breeding. This unique breed is a refined, well-proportioned, scaled-down version of the standard-size horse. The American Miniature Horse has several confirmation types, including for example, Draft, Quarter Horse and Arabian. The breed comes in a rainbow of coat colors and markings, an extra challenge for breeders, and gives Miniature Horse lovers a world of choice.
This small and unique equine stands no taller than 34 inches (86 cm) with AMHA as measured from the last hairs of the mane. The AMHA is the only horse that is measured at the last manehair. So becarefull......because if you measure at the withers, then they would be about 5cm taller. These horses are measured at home and not by a professional, when they need permanent papers.
We always love to talk about our miniature horses, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Clinics that I have been following:
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* ICAMH How do I train my mini for driving 2008
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* ICAMH Clinic with Joanne Ross 2009
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* PKC Minerals & vitamins 2010
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* Clinic BBB training at your horse 2010
* ICAMH Clinic Mike Rosauer 2011
* Clipping clinic with Brooke the Clippergirl 2012
* ICAMH Clinic Mike Rosauer 2012
* Silverlinde TTouch 2012


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