We are the familie Vermeulen

We breed miniature horses because we would like to improve the breed goal and not for the production.
We go for quality and honesty!

All our miniature horses are registered at the NMPRS (Dutch Studbook for Miniature Horses). And some are AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) and/or AMHR (American Miniature Horse Registry). Each year some foals are bred and also this year from april on, there will be some foals frolicking in the pasture.
To keep the amount of miniature horses acceptable and to be able to keep on giving each miniature horse full attention and nursing, some of the miniature horses, mature or immature will be sold.

All horses will be sold with a passport, chip and a lot of information which does not stop at the purchase, new owners can always come to The Surprise Stables if they need information about their purchase in the future. We have sold horses to all countries in and out of Europe. In these countries you will find our horses: Belgium, France, Germany, England, Russia, Estonia, CZ Republic, Italie, Poland, Malta and Suriname.

Me, I am Claudia Vermeulen, since a couple of years in many ways active in the miniature horses business besides the breeding. I am making the magzine for the NMPRS.
Before this I was in the showcomittee of the NMPRS ( Studbook for Dutch Miniatures) for 2 years
and before that I was the secretary of the board of a show club in The Netherlands for 6 years.
The NMPRS, Dutch studbook for miniature horses, exists since 1993 and they have build a huge studbook of thousands of horses how are bred out of: shetland, appaloosa, welsh, falabella, bergmann and american bloodlines. The thing that is very important for me and my breedings is that all 3 year old horses and older, need te be vet checked and measured at the last manehair by the studbook veterinary. They check at tooth, knee's, movement and with the stallions the testikalls. Also the foals are checked when they got there chip, they check the sex en tooth.
I have done a lot of shows as a measure or / and a ringsteward. And people still ask me to come to there show to help with this.


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